Who We Are

The Occhipinti Law Group is a boutique law firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Focusing primarily on intellectual property and entertainment law, we provide both legal and business advice to institutional and entrepreneurial clients on a variety of complex issues. With superior skills, a wide range of experience, personalized service and a commitment to the arts, we consistently deliver quality work. Easily accessible, readily available, and quick to respond, we bring professionalism, enthusiasm and unrelenting energy to everything we do.

The Occhipinti Law Group prides itself in providing legal representation with integrity, creativity and a passion for the arts.  Our attorneys enjoy their work and bring this feeling to every new endeavor.  Fostering genuine, lasting, professional relationships with individuals and organizations in the entertainment industry, we create beneficial partnerships and profitable business opportunities for all those we represent.

Our clients thrive on our unique approach to practicing law. We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations with each and every project we undertake.  We understand and appreciate that our clients’ needs are different, and work hard to consistently provide exceptional service that achieves each client’s particular goal.  Continually evaluating our client’s objectives, we remain flexible and imaginative, employing quick, personalized service, and creative billing practices, to ensure our clients are always satisfied.