OLG provides advice on a variety of transactional matters pertaining to the music business.  We pride ourselves on being an integral part of an artist or organization’s “team”.  We work with recording artists, producers, songwriters, managers, publicists, independent recording companies, publishing companies, management companies, publicity and marketing companies, copyright owners and controllers in all aspects of the music industry including but not limited to contractual agreements, copyright, copyright administration, licensing and fee negotiations, music distribution (traditional and digital), and concert tour support.  Below are some of the agreements that we draft, review, negotiate and revise:

  1. Acquisition of Publishing Catalogues
  2. Artist Endorsement
  3. Band Member
  4. Concert Sponsorship
  5. Concert Tours
  6. Copyright Registration
  7. Digital Distribution
  8. Distribution (Domestic and International)
  9. Employment
  10. Live Performance
  11. Management
  12. Merchandising
  13. Music Agent
  14. Music Synchronization  and Master Use
  15. Producer
  16. Production
  17. Publishing
  18. Recording
  19. Registrations with Public Performance Societies
  20. Royalty Protection and Collection
  21. Sampling Letters of Authorization
  22. Songwriter
  23. Soundtrack Synchronization
  24. Talent Agency
  25. Venue
  26. Video Director
  27. Production Company